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About us New Hope and Light e.V is an organization, which is non-governmental(NGO),non-political and non-discriminating. It is a non-profit organization founded on the 2013,with the headquarter situated in Berlin(Germany). Vision This association was formed with a strong commitment to help fight against environmental problems, by helping local communities, the under privileged, women, children, by improving the health, educational, and natural resources of the rural population, thereby building a productive and healthy


environment for all. Mission Statement Our mission is to established an organization ,that will contribute to the fight against illetracy, poverty,sicknesses,natural resource disaster and constant Energy failure To achieved this aim, we cooperate with national, local and international Partners in this same field of interest to help the People developed their Potentials in every area of life,by knowlegde transfer thus alleviating Poverty and building a sustainable society New Hope and Light is.working with local partners with whom together, we can create an impact to the local communities through the improvement of Health,Education,Water management , Renewable Energies, bringing solutions for a better Africa and Cameroon in particular.., Mission and vision Our mission is to enhance the abilility of local african communities by bringing hope and light to better manage and maintain their own health and wellbeing. Our vision is to do this by Using developmental projects like halth,education,renewable energies,water mananement as both a goal and means . Photo 04-04-2015 14 01 28we do provide developmental aid,helping the people to be able to unlock their owm potentials We try to close the gap between the two by working on reconstruction., which means we apply a developmental approach in prolonged emergency situations. Goals Our goals is to give new hope and light to the local communities,under-privileged.orphan,dropout,women.children,sick,poor,enablying them to be able to take care of their responsibilities,which may be Socially,Physically,Economically and Spiritually. Improving on living standards alongside making scarce resources available for the prosperity for all, in an Environment which is preserved for the future generation,and reducing global poverty Objectives In order to achieve these goals,we have to:

  • Help local communities by improving and providing assistance in creating centers for academic and vocational training ,and as sure reducing the rate of illitracy
  • Support in the improvement of Natural resouces such as designing an appropriate model for community management of local portable water supply by providing information through Education and setting up local water project and investigating the problems and constrains faced.
  • Support communities is fighting the challenges of health related diseases.
  • Provide and educate the communities on the importance of using renewable energies
  • Support other local organization fighting for the same course.
  • In collaboration with the local population and Partners,we focuses on the implementation,development,reconstruction and improvement of sustainable and accessible health care systems.The aim is to rebuild both individual and family loves as well as society,and to contribute to design and installation of functional healthcare delivery systems